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SSF - Audi

Audi Parts

The following Audi parts have been added to our catalog from the months as mentioned below. Please Note: All Audi part numbers are used for reference purposes only. Please click on the Audi part number, or copy and paste the number into the top left corner part search field of our parts catalog for a more detailed description of the item, brand & cost.

Please visit our parts catalog - for all your Audi parts requirements - here we stock a large selection of Audi parts for all Audi models.

Audi Parts recently added:

Audi Part Number Audi Part Description Audi Application
  06F-103-221 H Breather Hose A3 2.0; A4/A4 Q 2.0
  06F-103-235 A Breather Hose A3 2.0; A4/A4 Q 2.0
  1K0-129-620 E Air Filter A3 TDI 2.0
  09E-321-371 A Transmission Pan Gasket A5 Q 2.0/3.2; Q5
  1K0-407-151 AC Control Arm A3/A3 Q
  1K0-407-151 BC Control Arm A3/A3 Q
  1K0-407-152 AC Control Arm A3/A3 Q
  1K0-407-152 BC Control Arm A3/A3 Q
  1K0-505-323 N Control Arm A3/A3 Q
  8E0-513-036 R Shock Absorber A4/A4 Q 2.0/3.2
  8K0-807-105 GRU Bumper Cover A4/A4 Q from '09
  079-903-137 T Drive Belt - 5K X 1140 A6 Q 4.2 from '07
  7L5-907-637 B Brake Pad Sensor Q7 '10'
  8K0-941-029 B Headlight Assembly A4/A4 Q from '09
  8K0-941-030 B Headlight Assembly A4/A4 Q from '09

Part Number Description Application
  N-107-218-01 Bulb - Xenon Headlight A3; A4; A5; A6; Q5; Q7
  06E-121-005 F Water Pump A4/A6 3.2
  4F0-121-251 AH Radiator A6 Q 4.2
  8K0-133-843 Air Filter A4/A5 Q 3.2; Q5
  8K0-133-843 E Air Filter A4/A5 2.0
  1K0-298-403 A Receiver Drier A3
  1K0-505-465 K Stabilizer Link A3
  1K0-505-541 D Trailing Arm Bushing A3
  4L0-821-101 Fender Q7
  4L0-821-102 Fender Q7
  4L0-823-029 A Hood Q7
  4L0-823-359 Hood Shock Q7
  8T0-823-359 Hood Shock A4; A5
  06D-903-016 X Alternator A4/A4 Q 2.0
  079-906-036 D Fuel Injector RS4
  06D-906-461 Air Mass Sensor A4/A4 Q 2.0
  4F9-955-425 Wiper Blade - Rear A6 Q Wagon
  8K1-955-425 Wiper Blade - Front A4/A5
  8R1-955-425 B Wiper Blade - Front Q5
  8T1-955-425 A Wiper Blade - Front A5 Q
  8F1-955-426 Wiper Blade - Front A5/A5 Q
  8K1-955-426 Wiper Blade - Front A4; A5 Q
  8R1-955-426 B Wiper Blade - Front Q5
  8T1-955-426 A Wiper Blade - Front A5 Q
  4F1-998-002 A Wiper Blade Set A6/A6 Q
  057-115-561 M Oil Filter Kit Q7 TDI 3.0
  1K0-501-529 F Tie Rod A3
  079-903-137 E Belt 5K X 1105 A6 Q 4.2

Audi Part Number Audi Part Description Audi Application
  N-909-643-01 Air Filter Housing O-Ring A4/A5/A6 Q 3.2; Q5
  06H-103-085 G Crankshaft Seal A4/A5 2.0; A5 Q 2.0
  4D0-121-403 D Coolant Expansion Tank A8 Q 4.2
  4E0-121-403 G Coolant Expansion Tank A8 Q 4.2
  06A-133-783 H Vacuum Hose TT/TT Q 1.8
  1K0-407-182 Control Arm Bushing A3/A3 Q
  1K0-505-553 A Control Arm Bushing A3/A3 Q
  6Q0-612-161 Brake Booster Gasket A3/A3 Q
  1K0-615-601 AA Brake Disc A3/A3 Q
  1K0-698-451 J Brake Pad Set A3
  8K0-805-594 J Radiator Support A4/A4 Q; A5/A5 Q
  8K0-821-105 A Fender A4/A4 Q
  8K0-821-106 A Fender A4/A4 Q
  8K0-823-029 C Hood A4/A4 Q
  4B0-837-462 C Window Regulator A6AR; A6/A6 Q; RS6
  8K0-853-651 1QP Grille A4/A4 Q
  06H-903-137 C Belt 6K X 1590 A4 2.0; A5/A5 Q 2.0
  022-905-715 A Ignition Coil Q7 3.6
  06J-906-461 B Air Mass Sensor A3/A3 Q 2.0
  8T0-907-637 Brake Pad Sensor A4/A4 Q; A5/A5 Q; Q5
  3A0-915-138 Battery Terminal "T" Bolt TT/TT Q
  6X0-915-138 Battery Terminal "T" Bolt TT/TT Q
  7L6-945-511 Brake Light Switch Q7
  8K1-998-002 Wiper Blade Set A4/A4 Q; A5 Q
  8R1-998-002 Wiper Blade Set Q5

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